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Some helpful tips and tricks when using MONAT:

Step 01.

ALWAYS use a heat protectant

MONAT works to remove all silicone, waxes, and resins off your scalp and your hair strands which are key, so with that, it is key that we protect your strands and always use a heat protectant. We have multiple to choose from.

Step 02.


With that harmful build-up finally gone, it is no longer necessary to use high heat, ideally you want to keep your hot tools around 330 degrees or less!

Step 03.

A little goes a LONG WAY

MONAT products are concentrated, so if you ever feel your scalp or hair strands feel heavy or greasy after a full wash and style, you either used too much product OR did not get a good enough lather on wash two and needed to wash a third time.

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